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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 25, 2016 at 08:19:10

I do agree that Hamilton is far, far from being a bedroom community of Toronto. It has too many independent TV and Radio stations as well as new media sites (like this website)that concentrate their attention on Hamilton and the area directly around it and purposely ignoring Toronto most of the time. That being said, with the province and finally the feds pouring money into rapid transit of various types increasing the capacity and frequency of the transit links between the two cities expect the proportion of Toronto bound bedroom commuters to increase dramatically.

I think the real problem was the loss of the industrial base that made Hamilton very unique. Those heavy industries like steel making, like it or not, helped to differentiate Hamilton from the cities around it like Oakville or Toronto. There are those I think those who still believe that without those heavy industries there is very little left but to be a bedroom community of Toronto. Its these people whom lack a new vision are the ones that Hamilton really doesn't need. The LRT debate shows my point. Buses are fine for some people and they will always be part of the transit mix. Having LRT will not only provide rapid transit with a hell of a lot of latent passenger carrying capacity (something BRT people forget about a lot in their quest for something cheaper)but will provide a focus around which many other Hamilton centric real estate developments and new cultural institutions will form. Many of the other transportation projects in the Hamilton area are based on commuting outside the city. Its about time that the people and politicians who want these improved highway links and even, the vast improvements to GO Transit's Rail system must understand that they are focusing on people leaving the city and not staying. Don't get me wrong these links are very important but, I'm always astounded in Hamilton that so many, so quickly choose those projects over transportation and transit projects that focus on keeping workers and jobs in Hamilton.

As a kid growing up in Toronto sometimes my older sister and I would listen to the radio on Sunday mornings while playing cards (fish, crazy 8's, blackjack and occasionally, poker). Sometimes that radio station would be CKOC and they would be going on about their football team's game against whomever and for the first time you realized that the home team they were talking about was not the Argos. That would make us smile when we heard the Ti-Cats were playing the hated Argos because you realized you were listening to a station who's focus was not Toronto. I realized how important that really was in a era before the internet to have a media outlet that was not pulling for your, team your city (Toronto).Something that even the great Mississauga still does not really have. True independence, is what those independent TV and radio stations along with many other Hamilton institutions helped create and its exactly that independence, which will provide the push that will keep Hamilton's resurgence continuing into the future.

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