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By trey (registered) | Posted September 20, 2007 at 14:08:34

I'm not going to feel sorry for Flamborough. They wanted it, then let them get what they deserve. These comments are correct about Big Box retailing is not only at the tail end but will eventually be acres of abandoned ashphalt surrounded by buildings/boxes that have no other retro-fit use or future. This won't have any impact on Hamilton, I'll never patronize the area. I already avoid #6 because I want to live. They spend their life in their cars and it also puts them at a higher risk to be in a 5-car fatality collision. It will only get worse, when 5,000 people are speeding there and back to buy a bag of milk. Have they seen Golf Links on a Saturday afternoon? Residents in the Meadowlands have to fight traffic congestion right at the entrance of their cul de sacs.

The only redeeming area - Waterdown core - will evaporate and then there will be no character left except for a post-peak-automobile-holocaust. Let them try and sell their houses in 20 years. Which is about the time when a 35-45 year old today will need to cash in the house.

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