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By JPDanko (registered) - website | Posted May 16, 2016 at 12:29:17

As usual, a photo is worth a thousand words.

I have consistently had anti or undecided LRT opinions point to the "disaster going on in KW". Essentially your typical AM900 CHML listener (like my 70 year old father) suggesting LRT supporters should go see whats happening in KW with cost over runs and construction disruptions as an argument against Hamilton's LRT (the terms "boondoggle" "give your head a shake" and passive-aggressive insults about "Liberals" are also common).

Looking at those photos - the key element that should be obvious to anyone who cares to look with open eyes is: all the new tax $$$ coming from all those new high rise infill developments!!!

These photos should scare the shit our of Hamilton's established business community - if not our sitting council.

Hamilton is already so far behind competing Ontario municipalities when it comes to city building that supports modern business development - or in other words lifestyle - LRT has literally become a make or break project (while most of council is still talking about business parks at the airport as a legitimate modern business development strategy - because a city full of nondescript prefab boxes in the middle of a giant parking lot is exactly where my kids will choose to live sarcasm in case its not obvious).

Although in fairness to council - it is not easy to defy your voting base by taking a leadership role - trying to explain the benefits of a new Google office to a Stelco pensioner struggling to pay the taxes on their home is not going to go over well - you are speaking entirely different languages - and like it or not, its the pensioners who listen to CHML and read the Spec who vote.

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