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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted May 13, 2016 at 10:50:49 in reply to Comment 118512


The headline was written by Ryan, not myself. The rather boring title I put on my submission to him was “Presentation to Hamilton Cycling Committee.”

Nonetheless, I believe that Ryan was substantially correct. Unprotected cycle lanes exclude 92% of the population and perpetuate sexual and age discrimination as they are disproportionately used by men between the ages of 18-65. To have these unprotected lanes on only one part of the project is excluding cycling from the LRT project for 92% of the population from that part of the project, and excluding 99% of the population from the rest of the project.

Yes, Eglinton Avenue in Toronto is not identical to the proposed Hamilton LRT route in every way. One key similarity is that, due to induced demand, car drivers in dense urban areas will always ask for more road space. Toronto City Council stood up to them. Hamilton did not.

Yes, different parts of the current proposed LRT plan have different problems. To criticize at that level of detail would result in a much, much longer article. One similarity throughout the entire project is the failure to include cyclists, in spite of having the right of way and the capability to do so. That is the essential point of the article.

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