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By lbc (anonymous) | Posted May 02, 2016 at 20:13:02

So many angry truck drivers here go off and play right into the hands of the article's author's treatise. Noticed that he said that one of the come back lines would be all about "it's a free country, I can drive what I want". You all have fallen back on that line. Of course you can drive what you want. The author is not advocating a ban (at least he shouldn't be). That's not the point. He was appealing to reason in using your free will in consideration for the environment around you, both on the road & in general. By all means, you choice is yours, but any wrong action that is not illegal can still be the wrong course of action. The safety aspects he highlighted bring that out. Secondly he said that y'all would end up falling back on a lot of flag waving, patriotic (and in some cases racism as in using the term "jap crap". Jap is a racial slur). You are being played so that the powers that be & their corporate surrogates in Big Oil & Big Auto can make a killing while we have to slave at our 8 hour jobs while we think we are having an awesome life. This attitude is why many in the world see us as the ugly Americans. We may think they are envious and all want to come here, but go over there and see many do not. I'm not saying in any way that we are the problem, but hey whether we like it or not the other guy's opinion is important, especially if'n you got to work with him, that's all. Just because we have more doesn't mean we have to waste more just because. And anyway, I can't stand the Saudi royal family who funds terrorists with the money that they make off our gas usage. Gas guzzlers put food on their table for them and their harem.
Also, Foreign cars are not inherently weak tin cans. Many have far better reliability (there's that word) than many domestic cars have. Again, look beyond the patriotism and think about the money spent on breakdowns of the so-called domestic cars with Chinese parts. Who says American cars are reliable? JD Power? Car & Driver? Motor Trend? Consumer Reports? What country are these guys in? Yes,they have a vested interest in cahoots with the Detroit Big 3. Now ask those that bought the recommended domestic cars they push. "Oh, I had to take her in for a broken---, but just this one time. It's been a good truck". A month later: "Yeah but just this one repair" again. And a month after that. Sure is a lot of "Just this one" repairs. Reliable? Really?
Drive what you like, but don't be surprised when folks look at you cross because of your choice. And by folks, I don't mean hippies. Not everyone who doesn't like excess is some sandal wearing freak. Many are just as responsible in insuring our grandkids will have something left, or are just fed up with Middle Eastern & OPEC bastards having us by the *** and are looking forward to watching their cash cow dry up as quickly as possible.

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