Comment 117989

By nayr (anonymous) | Posted April 27, 2016 at 15:10:24 in reply to Comment 117980

"If you do rely on street parking and there is no feasible alternative, you might consider moving the business as an alternative to selling or closing." You say it so nicely. Very considerate and thoughtful.

I would like the government to do a truthful and fulsome survey about exactly what happened to all those people on St. Clair who lost their businesses.

A better approach would be to value the losses and pay the people along the route who are being harmed (like this guy after paying 40 years of the highest commercial taxes on the planet) and include those in the project costs so that the true cost of this project is reflected in the budget.

Talk is cheap. Consultation means nothing if the end result is predetermined. It isn't even honestly consultation -it is fraud.

"Why should the Soviets have all the fun remaking a world?" Stuart Chase

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