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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted April 27, 2016 at 13:40:01 in reply to Comment 117968

It must be very worrying to have such a big project affecting your business.

The current consultation period hasn't begun but staff and Metrolinx have promised to inform and consult with all businesses, residents and property owners along the route. The time to start getting firm answers is now that the plans have been released, although there is still time for some fine tuning.

If you do rely on street parking and there is no feasible alternative, you might consider moving the business as an alternative to selling or closing. Construction is not planned to begin until 2019, so that does give almost three years to plan. I do realize this would not necessarily be easy.

It is definitely true that driving will be difficult along King during the construction, which could take several years. That is inevitable with this sort of project (or any road reconstruction like they saw on Concession).

In Waterloo they made a very strong effort to communicate regularly with businesses throughout construction to inform them what would be happening in their area. They also advised them in cases where it seemed better to move rather than hang on through the construction.

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