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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 27, 2016 at 10:02:21

Never mind the road warriors, the real fun for LRT supporters will be the construction starts in 2019. Especially, if your city has not seen a big construction project in a while. The road warriors will really start to cry and then demand changes that, will either delay, stall or force the project over budget! Which is a common last ditch trick, including court injunctions, to try and stop LRT projects. There is a whole arsenal of new tricks like this that sprouted because of road/sprawl favoring politicians and business owners!

Were already seeing a funny switch around here in Ottawa. Conservative suburban politicians who were anti LRT during the, "should we build it or not debate", are already complaining that LRT Phase 2 will not include their wards. Recently, there has been a lot of development announced by developers and retail corporations around what will be future phase 1 & 2 stations. Suburban councilors who doubled down on sprawl development and a "maybe a Transitway connection sometime in the future" position during those past debates are now eating their words. One nearly had me thrown out of City Hall when I quietly reminded him of his past statements on the LRT file.

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