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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 27, 2016 at 09:34:44 in reply to Comment 117934

First, Lansdowne Park was mayor Obrien's folly and it is friends that created the sole sourced plan that became the contract for Lansdowne Park, Watson simply inherited that file. Second, the CFL only wants stadiums of 20,000-35,000 capacity because that's all they can fill anymore! Why do you think the Argos left Rogers Centre and is moving into BMO Field.

Although SNC is a somewhat dogy company, most international engineering company's the size of SNC Lavlin that have to operate in many third world, strongman controlled hellholes are, it goes with the territory. The LRT project office not the mayor, chose the Rideau Transit Group. This is a Consortium of 12 companies, in which SNC Lavlin is a minor partner and engineering contractor, it's not even the main contractor. Today its very common for Consortiums or groups of companies to bid on LRT contracts as a way of offering a one size fits all solution to cities that have never built or managed a major rail transit project like this.

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