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By BaySouth (registered) | Posted April 22, 2016 at 09:37:48

As someone that owns a home, and two cars on Bay south between Aberdeen and Herkimer - bring on the bike lane!

Anything that slows down the cars is welcome.

When I was leaving to take my kids to school this morning, a car waiting to turn right from Bay south onto Herkimer came within inches of hitting a kid crossing herkimer. Not sure if the bike lane would improve incidents like this, maybe it would if people didn't treat the street like a highway in the morning.

Bay south car volumes was great when the queen st hill was closed. I think the mountain residents used that large multiple lane thing to get downtown... I think it's called a highway.

After this, please address Aberdeen, Charlton, Queen and all the other one ways in this area.

I walk the kids to school often. Walking along aberdeen to dundurn - nope. Crossing Queen -> hold my breath and run. Looking forward to that new crosswalk.

I don't ride a bike, I do drive a car, and I also walk. I live downtown in a major city. I shouldn't be able to drive down residential streets doing 50 km/hour.

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