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By highasageorgiapine (registered) | Posted April 11, 2016 at 14:44:02

i am highly in favour of continued modernization of our education system at all levels to ensure a highly educated citizenry in perpetuity.

i agree that we can alleviate poverty through early education initiatives. the issue is that we actually have quite a good education system by developed world standards, and despite having the most educated workforce in our history middle-class wages remain essentially stagnant when accounting for inflation. additionally, class mobility decreased over the late 20th century until now. despite some half-hearted measures from our government to combat the rising cost of post-secondary education, most individuals graduating will carry a significant debt burden and fierce competition for work in an economy that has poorly aligned itself with the education and skills of the workforce.

funding should be applied to make sure post-secondary education is free, which would contribute greatly to reducing inequality by not only decreasing a significant barrier to entry for impoverished families and individuals, but also reducing debt burden for those who graduate. having a generation of individuals who are contributing a sizable portion of their income to debt servicing is non-productive economically.

beyond that, stronger employment legislation to prevent exploitation we observe in unpaid internships and many aspects of the "sharing economy" would greatly enhance worker protection and reduce inequality by removing barriers to accessing well-paying, secure employment

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