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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted March 05, 2016 at 09:32:03

I don't dispute that a multi use path is safer and more desirable. In my opinion the cheapest safest way to do it would have been to make a multi use path on the St. Joe's property. If you are not familiar with the area a new sidewalk was built from where the walkway on the north side of the Claremont to West 5th connector joins West 5th. The new sidewalk is slightly wider than normal and has soldier bricks on both sides. Prior to the rebuild there were no sidewalks on the west side from the brow to south of Mohawk College. If the proposed bike lane on the Claremont is built I still think continuing it along the connector, using to right lane (with some type of barrier)is a good option. Then if the new sidewalk was made wider it could be joined where the right lane merges into one going south. The sidewalk could be widened to south of Mohawk college and no doubt would be more expensive than doing it in the first place but probably cheaper than trying to reconfigure the rebuilt roadway. Perhaps you are unaware that they are building an HSR hub at Mohawk College that would make this even more desirable.

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