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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted March 04, 2016 at 20:19:35

Iliving just off West 5th we really looked forward to the street being redone but now ironically I wouldn't be surprised to see them have to put in speed bumps, it's just too good right now. I suspect what they are trying to do is make West 5th take traffic off Upper James and turn it into an urban expressway to serve the new builds south of Stonechurch. Prior to the upgrade there were no left turn lanes or the totally useless island at Gateview, also traffic calming was put in North of Brantdale making it only one lane northbound past that point. If the left turn lane and island were eliminated there would plenty of room or widen the sidewalk on St. Joe's property. It is worth noting that about 75% of the houses on West 5th between Gateview & Mohawk are student rentals with absentee landlords,so they could care less about anything in the city. Also if the Claremont bike lane is actually built the logical way to connect would be to use the North lane on the Claremont to West 5th connector, it reduces to one lane at West 5th anyway so it would not effect volume at all, then widen the existing sidewalk & make it multi-use. However if that was the plan in mind, why didn't they simply put in a multi-use path in the first place?

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