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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted September 13, 2007 at 13:11:17


Couple of points (I saw my name mentioned! I have just skimmed through this discussion...):

  • With respect to the issue of faith based schooling I think this is, for the most part, a 'made up' issue. I'm not saying it's not real, it's just that the timing is not right. There are many more important issues for the province to be tackling right now. It's one thing for Tory to get this on the agenda but it's way too soon to start allocating tax dollars and setting policy. A discussion needs to occur first, and not as a defining issue in an election (why are we asked to vote on single issues anyway? The Tory platform has way more to offer than just this...I don't like these strategies!)
  • As for 'fixing the issue from within' that's a fine sentiment - and an ideal situation - but it's not always practical. I dedicated 6 years of my life (as did my wife and kids) to Hamilton, much of that invested in grassroots political activities aimed at moving the city forwards. It was hugely envigorating but also hugely exhausting. And in the end, given that I had no strong ties to Hamilton (no family, no history...) it was not realistic or fair (to me or my family) to stick around. As I'm sure you know, activism will burn you out if you are not careful - I see this despair all the time when we consider the never-ending nature of some of the issues we discuss - and it's more important for me to be happy and work towards affecting change within the limits of my abilities.

Thanks for reading!


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