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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted March 03, 2016 at 16:25:41 in reply to Comment 116771

I skied there and 2 of my children are old enough to have learned to ski there. It is an over simplification to blame labour costs. In my opinion here is a list of it's short comings: 1: Chedoke lacked free running water or a pond for snow making and had to use city water, the only hill I know of using city water. 2: Short steep runs and a lack of variety. The Nancy Greene run was good for 2 turns maybe and then you were at the lift for the beginner hill. The run on the back was not bad but the lift was usually broken or not enough snow. 3: Antiquated lifts and snow making, it would have required an very large investment to improve them but even then it would have been limited by the terrain. 4: There always seemed to be an effort made to make sure the snow was gone early so golf could start on time. 5: Climate change, my youngest started lessons there the last year it was open, the lessons were postponed several times because there was no snow and it was not cold enough to make snow with the equipment they had. The High Schools used Glenn Eden for ski trips then and it's not far with much better runs.

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