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By Northender (anonymous) | Posted March 01, 2016 at 15:04:39

As one who has attended each West Harbour mtg and was involved in the GO Stn stakeholder discussions and many other Setting Sail related consultations etc over the past decade or more I'd like to give my impressions.
Feb's visioning exercise really seemed to me to be initiated by the public at the Jan mtg...they were asking about the vision, the staff didn't have the previous several decades of visioning in front of them at that mtg, so they brought a summary and reminder(all which were approved by Council) to the Feb mtg, and quite rightly didn't just present all those past and recent vision statements fait d'accompli, but opened it up for comments (which are unlikely to be incorporated, unfortunately, see above re Council).
Rather than tightly controlled I'd say the meeting lacked focus and structure.By the time we got to the Deloitte recommendations we were asked where we wanted to go from there on, and time and focus seemed limited.
I interpreted that the sale of veey valuable and 'ready' Pier8 first will allow SOME of Barton Tiffany to be built to accommodate the remaining folks currently in HHC on the two West Harbour sites in question, THEN, those two HHC sites get redeveloped, probably, and hopefully with a percentage of 'rent geared to income' or some other model of 'affordable' housing (to accommodate the increased numbers we've asked for) as well as market units. In the end, 3 of the 4 sites will have mixed housing in different proportions and configurations.

Wishful thinking perhaps, but even though I've not crunched the numbers (units needed short term) it seems logical to me and not necessarily ghettoizing ....

The prob with this timing of course is the unknowns re the costs and difficulties re the pollution remediation in Barton Tiffany which could hold the whole thing up and cost a prohibitive amt.(why don't they know this already?...or maybe they do, but this is confidential so as not to prejudice potential market unit developers for the site??) It would seem prudent to wait on selling Pier8 until the issues with BT are clearer.

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