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By highasageorgiapine (registered) | Posted March 01, 2016 at 12:41:21

what i find amazing is how astonishingly short sighted this process has become. there is no indication that the immediate sale of these lands will do anything but cover the infrastructure deficits in the short term. my impression is that, a few years down the road, this problem will rear it's ugly head again as there is seemingly no commitment to consistent budget increases to cover increasing infrastructure costs going forward. new buildings don't stay new forever...

i am also disheartened by the complete lack of vision from the city on this file. i remember the early talks about the west harbour redevelopment focusing on low rise, medium density development that would help maintain the neighbourhood character and prevent the issues seen in places like toronto where a wall of highrises blocks the lakeview. it seems the city has decided to throw any strategic planning out the window in favour of a quick buck. it's very sad, this area could have been made into a very charming place. i think of something like fells point in baltimore as a decent comparison to what could work here.

unfortunately, hamilton can't have nice things. i'm sure the city will be satisfied to turn the west harbour lands into a bedroom community for toronto go train commuters while ghettoizing their low income residents as long as the books look good before the next election.

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