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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted February 26, 2016 at 10:46:24 in reply to Comment 116633

Yes, exactly. Council has the idea that the HSR is purely a social service, and that no “choice” riders are served by it. This defies logic- out of over 20 million rides, not every single one can be taken by someone who can’t drive because he’s poor or disabled (or whatever the stereotype of an HSR rider is). If they’d take the bus from time to time (there’s frequent service to City Hall), it wouldn’t be hard to see the variety of people the system serves. But they refuse to see it.

The fare hikes last year without accompanying service improvements were insult added to the injuries that HSR riders experience in poor frequency outside of peak hours, and pass-bys and crushloads during them. Council’s belief- that HSR serves only “captive” riders who almost by definition can be treated poorly since they have no choice but to take the bus- is self-fulling. The cycle you identify is vicious. HSR lost riders last year because a few of the people for whom HSR supplements other means of transportation got fed up and left. And a few more will next year, too.

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