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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted February 25, 2016 at 21:00:48 in reply to Comment 116632

That said, if it runs on Hughson, I feel it would become necessary for Hughson to be an LRT-only corridor. There is not much car traffic on Hughson as it seems to usually be used as an access road. Parking access would have to be via side streets and John Street.

If all of these parking lots are redeveloped, we really don't need Hughson to be used for cars, right? All of those big parking lots abut into John street anyway, doesn't it?

  • James: Fully preserved with its heritage. Cars allowed. Closeable during Supercrawl.
  • Hughson: Theoretically becomes LRT-only corridor. Cars not allowed.
  • John: 2-way street accessing all big parking lots becoming new developments. Cars allowed.

With a Hughson LRT, there'd be an A-Line LRT station right in front of the Hunter GO station (between Hughson and James), making it even more convenient for GO train/bus users.

There are fewer businesses to disrupt on Hughson, which would be a big relief for a lot of James St N businesses. Personally I prefer the LRT to run as mixed-traffic on James St N, but I now understand why a Hughson LRT might work because of all the above.

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