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By Disgusted (anonymous) | Posted September 12, 2007 at 22:24:04

If the burbs are expected to pay more for poorer HSR service, culture and rec, fire and police service than that of old City of Hamilton residents then I'd expect same level of service. Houses in the burbs are assessed at a higher value than in the core. An equivalent house downtown is half the assessment of a house in the burbs.

Nobody in the "burbs" wanted to loose their identity as a community and be melded in with the old Hamilton. When I think of downtown, I think of the downtown in my "suburban" community not downtown Hamilton. It has no appeal to me. I'm down there every week day and can't wait to leave. That's just personal no offense intended, its just not for me.

The only thing that is keeping our assessment equal or slightly positive in this City is the burbs, the old city continues to loose assessment every year.

So Jason, rather than always slamming people in the so-called burbs maybe a more productive use of your time would be spent on trying to mend relationships, see other points of view, maybe think of the entire community for once, move this City forward rather then continue the us and them attitude. There are two sides to every coin, and its always easiest to sit there and take pot shots at people and issues rather then come up with solutions.

The entire City of Hamilton has tremendous opportunity, petty squabbling such as this will never move the City forward and further entrench the burbs vs. old City attitude.

At least Don keeps it professional and reasonable and speaks to the facts as to why public transit is essential for a community to

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