Comment 116478

By mountain66 (registered) | Posted February 09, 2016 at 11:36:38 in reply to Comment 116477

The corner of Fennell in front of Auchmar has been one of my pet peeves for a long time, the most infuriating part for me is that solutions that seem logical to most get poo-pooed as not possible when presented to our Ward Councillor. The fact is you could easily fit a sidewalk in where the desired path is now without modifying the road surface at all. The only problem is the short stretch at Auchmar, The question I have not asked is do we really need the island on Fennell? Would an overhead light work? In my opinion maybe we don't need a bike lane there but I do believe there should be a safe sidewalk on both sides of a major street that will only get more traffic when the HSR hub opens..

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