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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted February 08, 2016 at 10:32:52

Thanks Bob, we live in the area & that corner has been a topic of conversation between ourselves & Councillor Whitehead for some time. So here is what we have been told, the entire Auchmar property is a Heritage property and has many easements. That means the trees on the south side can't be cut or the side resloped without approval. For example even the pole you show was involved. We have been told there are utilities under the embankment that would cost $2 million to move, we actually were invited to look at the drawings. My wife once said to Councillor Whitehead that it was a lawsuit waiting to happen if someone fell in front of a car, he would later parrot that in the Mountain News. Before the reconstruction there were actually no sideways in front of Mohawk College & the area on the north side is going to be a new HSR hub. Also there was actually a path worn at the very top along the fence (I know it was unintended but it's almost black humour to say people would have to be out of their minds when the hospital is a psychiatric one) I haven't measured it but we are told the lanes have already been narrowed. Considering that many of the houses in that area are now student rentals it is hard to get community involvement. One of those curious things on the Mountain.

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