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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted February 05, 2016 at 10:29:15

They could start by actually spending the $31 million they get in gas tax money on transit (instead of 90% on roads) like almost every other large city in Ontario does! That's specifically what the Province wants us to do with the money:

"Ontario shares two cents per litre of provincial gas tax revenues with municipalities “to expand and improve public transit”. According to a Ministry of Transportation news release, “The Ontario government made the funding for its Gas Tax Program permanent in 2013 to help municipalities improve transit."

and we would get more money if we increased ridership!

"The province pays out funds from gas tax revenues on a quarterly basis and determines the amount that municipalities receive by total transit ridership and population of each municipality."

It's hard to ask the Province to send us more money for buses when we are not actually spending the money they do send us as it is intended. Spending the gas tax money on transit would be a good first step, and much less controversial than fixing area weighting transit (which is another Hamilton-only policy that should be changed).

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