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By jason (registered) | Posted September 11, 2007 at 22:57:45

Hey Ted....interesting post. Some food for thought though: I attended a private, Christian school my entire life and don't suffer at all from the 'toxic, boring, sameness' or 'ridicule from others'. The church that runs our school has over 50 nations represented in it's membership. Isolation and segregation were certainly not a problem.

I am now planning to have my children attend the same school. Could the cirriculum be a little better? sure. could the facilities be more updated? sure. But, as you said, the key is the people. Just like you, I love the teachers and feel comfortable knowing that they have my child's best interest at heart during the hours when I entrust them with my kids.

I'm not entirely sure what the solution is from the political end of things. I don't support this proposal by the Tories because in order to receive government funding it would require that everything about my school become operated the same as the public school - same cirriculum, same teacher accredidations etc.... it would be a 'Christian, private school' in name only.
Having said that, some amount of government money would be appreciated. After all, I happily pay taxes to support the public system although I'll choose to never use it. I don't expect that same level of funding to come to my private school, but any small amount would sure help us bring the facilities and quality of the school up another level.

I'm sure there's a solution out there somewhere, but thought I'd share my experiences with you anyhow since you're quite interested in the topic.


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