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By oneofakind (anonymous) | Posted September 11, 2007 at 22:35:31

folks, i am new to this sorta thing, bulletins and blogging. whatever you may call it. for years i have been blinded to the many top notch sorta significance of Hamilton and its historical qualities. you dont really learn much Canadian history in Canadaian classrooms...unless they've changed that since i've past graduated.
Well great news.
preservation of these fading historical sites is most likely in the works, and we may just not know it.
I personally believe in preserving, maintaining and educating . I have been tuning into my hometown and its history, and recently have been lucky to be working for a landscape company in which our maintenance team has been on the auchmar grounds, doing some various landscape detailing, and groundsgrooming. mind you the picture as posted above is only what it looked like on that day of photo, it had since been let go and left unmaintained until today....and it, could and should stay that way. just like the barenaked ladies... i wish i had a million dollars...

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