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By John Neary (registered) | Posted January 18, 2016 at 13:28:54

Ryan, great piece as always.

As you point out, the lane capacity of Wellington and Victoria is far greater than is needed for the traffic they carry. So my more ambitious proposal is:

  1. Cycle track along the west side of the Claremont, exiting to the east side of Wellington St. along the current ramp from Wellington to the Claremont.
  2. Remove the rest of the Wellington-Claremont ramp.
  3. Wellington becomes two lanes (one each way) with a parking lane beside the east (northbound) lane and a two-way cycle track protected by the parking lane.
  4. Reconnect Hunter St. and West Avenue where they are currently cut off by the Claremont ramp, as much as it is possible to do this with a cycle track running diagonally through the intersection.
  5. Continue the Hunter St. cycle track east to link up with the Wellington-Claremont track.
  6. Victoria becomes four lanes (two each way) flowing directly onto the Claremont. Allow parking on each side except during rush hour.

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