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By What Happened? (anonymous) | Posted January 15, 2016 at 14:55:26

Whatever happened to the driver who was in control of the vehicle involved in Keddy's demise?

I remember police said the vehicle (a pickup truck, IIRC) had been located, but that was the end of the story it seems.

Is this another case of 'we can't identify the driver' or is there some other complication like 'my vehicle is so large and its sight lines so poor that I never saw any cyclist'?

As to why the death vehicle didn't stop, wouldn't that be a case of fail to remain at the least? Unless, 'My truck has 22" wheels and I didn't notice any bumps on the road that night' is considered to be a reasonable explanation.

Is it possible that nobody was ever cited in Jay Keddy's death?

Has anyone ever viewed the accident report, assuming one was created?

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