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Credit where credit due:

(BTW, I don't think that's Allan Taylor posting under another alias)

Both Allan Taylor and myself (Mark Rejhon) are on the Sherman Hub Planning Team.


Read onwards.

Yes, of course, Allan Taylor hates the LRT. That's widely known in social media.

Allan Taylor said he is okay with 2-way for various north-south streets, and Allan said he's okay with curb bumpouts where it is appropriate. At least one Facebook post of his also even agrees some sidewalks are too narrow in parts of the city.

Maybe we may not agree on all specific exact locations of these improvements, but there is certainly line-item agreement overlap. There isn't a 100% perfect polar disagreement with certain elements. Allan's been a longtime Co-Treasurer of Sherman Hub -- and I've been elected Co-Communications Coordinator of Sherman Hub now (Note: Wasn't even seeking position but I said yes when asked if I wanted to run) -- See Contacts with both my and Allan Taylor's name. So we have to engage cordially with people who we disagree with on some elements like the LRT itself.

Also, Matthew Green also attends some of these Sherman Hub meetings too, both before and after election, so there is a very disparate range of people involved.

We are able to operate cordially with people who disagree with us on other elements.

Hating the LRT doesn't necessarily mean hating wider sidewalks, for example...

It's not a black-and-white blanket disagreement, even if there are line-item disagreements, there is definitely a modicum of diplomacy skill involved sometimes (!) -- we have good diplomats -- and a Mac survey has found the Hub operates relatively well thanks to the Hub's work, despite such diversity in what other people think may be polar opposites. (Source: NAS Report by McMaster). Everyone has to work together.

It's not a Obama-vs-Trump "us-or-them" mentality.

...And we love our Hub's kick-ass community newspaper!

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