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By RobF (registered) | Posted January 05, 2016 at 17:55:34 in reply to Comment 115916

It is possible to make this suggestion. Send it to Alan Waterfield the senior planner handling this file. The 30m (100 foot) public open space corridor around the perimeter of Pier 8 could accommodate one or more urban beaches like sugar beach above.

Although the path looks small on the diagram or map for Pier 8 ... it is 30m by about a kilometer and a half, which is lots of space. For perspective I live on a 24 by 110 foot lot in the North End. I wish the Secondary Plan allowed for more flexibility with the perimeter path so that it could vary in width as long as the total amount of open space remained the same. That would have allowed the design consultants to be more creative. The street grid is also basically a stipulation in the Secondary Plan ... the intention was to integrate the new community with the old and ensure that sight-lines were preserved as best as possible, while allowing for a medium density, mid-rise urban community to be accommodated on Pier 8.

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