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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted December 15, 2015 at 22:36:16 in reply to Comment 115676

The LRT intertwining with a Complete Streets initiative is going to spark off a super-loud discussion between now and 2 years from now.

We will see an introduction of an LRT with a forced-upon Main-King corridor taming of some form (good or compromised), given the LRT blueprints show wider sidewalks and a single lane of traffic on King (almost pretty much defacto requiring Main 2-way). This may be just exactly the "rattle the cage" we need. There is no way to keep wide urban expressways, while also having LRT. So changes are forced upon us. Some of us, kicking and screaming. Literally.

Yes, it will drive a lot of motorists nuts in this transition, especially during construction (although our construction detour problem is somewhat simpler than Kitchener Waterloo's, having multiple parallel arteries on a simpler street grid, and the grand opportunity of Main 2-way).

We must advocate that there is no scaleback from some important Complete Streets elements in the Hamilton LRT. Kitchener-Waterloo completes their LRT to hopefully have lots of kudos/rave reviews well before the 2018 election, making it hard for candidates to campaign on cancellation.

With all the beautiful wider sidewalks, and tamer crosstown corridors, it will build a revitalized and tamed King corridor over the next couple of decades, and finally also a lot more pleasant to walk even for the older and the disabled (which also, is needed with ~1km LRT station spacing)

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