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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted December 15, 2015 at 12:55:40

One thing I observe is that any part of Hamilton just trains drivers to be pretty quick with their cars and it's easy to be lazy, going with the flow of very fast cars ahead and behind you that are all prodding you to be a little more aggressive. That escalates the peer pressure. If we tame any small fraction of Hamilton, aggressive drivers will just blow through them -- a lot of Hamilton needs to be changed.

I heard from my spouse that neighbours said a car barrelled down Proctor Bvld (a very rare tamed street in Hamilton; a very old "Complete Street" experiment from many decades ago) -- at 100kph and lost control in the very narrow spaces between the median and parked cars, and destroyed a bunch of parked cars.

Most cars will slow down while driving through thee rare tight Hamilton street such as Proctor Blvd, but from a Hamilton metro wide basis, drivers have fallen into easy habits of going fast and cornering fast; that they will present a structural problem in taming Hamilton's street to an extent.

It will take widespread changes, acceleration of safety improvements (e.g. sharper turning radiuses, bumpouts, zebra crosswalks, better signalling, full green paint through intersections for bike lanes, etc) combined with enforcement, covering a significant minority part of Hamilton (Even just the entire downtown and nearby surroundings) to get stubborn drivers to not to attempt the same habits on tamed streets.

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