Comment 115656

By Stephen Barath (anonymous) | Posted December 15, 2015 at 09:43:08 in reply to Comment 115641

Before I came to Hamilton, I'd never seen a vehicle on a sidewalk in Ontario unless there for an emergency or temporarily for unloading. Now, I can say I've witnessed drivers using sidewalks to pass turning vehicles; to make three point turns; to park; to avoid slowing down on a turn. Somehow, when I was learning to drive I picked up the lesson that the sidewalk is never for a vehicle. Not so here.

Hamiltonians are on average some of the worst drivers I've observed. I've had walking commutes in a number of different cities, and the behaviour that is common place here would be considered noteworthy and appalling elsewhere. When I talk to people in this city, they don't seem generally to be any stupider than anywhere else, so I don't understand why they are such absent-minded, discourteous and poor drivers.

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