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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted December 07, 2015 at 13:55:00

One possible vision for the Keddy Access (possible dedication to Jay Keddy) would be:

  • Southmost Claremont lane fully jersey-barriered from car traffic
  • Nice fence at top of jersey barrier, similar to King over 403 (or better)
  • Possibly minor lane shifting to make room for the thickness of jersey barrier
  • Wide enough to double as a mulltiuse trail.
  • Three lanes in the multiuse trail (pedestrians, bike uphill, and bike downhill) in that order, from scenic side towards car divider side.
  • Markings on on all 3 lanes to indicate which direction each lane is, to encourage bikes to stay away from pedestrians
  • Downhill bike lane furthest away from pedestrian lane, for more safety from speeding bikes
  • Possibly a small setback somewhere halfway as a rest area / scenic lookout, perhaps with drinking fountain.

Also, if only one divider line is marked, then please use it to separate downhill bike riders. The uphill riders can mix with pedestrians, as uphill riders on Claremont are quite slow, often slower than a jogger. It's the downhill rockets that could also kill too, so be mindful to design the Keddy Access cycle track for that properly.

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