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By MichaelHealey (registered) - website | Posted December 06, 2015 at 15:47:51 in reply to Comment 115422

I agree - all roads do not need to include bicycle acccessibility - the 400 series highways and other expressways (eg. QEW and RHV/Linc) are great examples of highways designed solely for motorized vehicles.

On the other hand, by Ontario law, bicycles are allowed on roads that don't fit the expressway category. As such, those roads should be designed to accommodate safe cycling.

"...if a road has no sidewalks and no appreciable shoulder, bicycles should not use it" Again, I agree - I don't think bicycles should use it because it is extremely dangerous to the person on the bike.

For cities to be whole, they need to have a network of safe, connected cycle tracks that allow people the option to use bikes for commuting and leisure.

For many years in Hamilton, roads have been designed with little or no thought to bicycle or even pedestrian accommodation. The low-hanging fruit to rectify this situation is to convert some of the vastly over-built roadways with active transportation accommodation.

Claremont is a great example of an over-built roadway with plenty of capacity that can easily support a cycle-path. The added benefit of this particular track, is that it will provide a safe bicycle mountain access and can connected with other paths in the network.

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