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By JasonL (registered) | Posted December 06, 2015 at 14:37:32

Agree totally with the design opportunity staring at us here with this critical Central Mountain, central city, waterfront cycling route. One of the blessings of these vastly overbuilt roads in Hamilton is the potential for truly world-class cycling and pedestrian facilities without impacting car traffic in the slightest.

I hope the Claremont plan takes the cycle track right to Inverness Ave as proposed in Shifting Gears. Inverness leads to quiet residential streets which connect to Sam Lawrence Park. Also, a stop-light at Inverness would serve 3 purposes:

  • slow down traffic after coming off this mini-freeway, into a residential/retail district on Upper James
  • allow cyclists to cross Upper James to Inverness and head towards Concession St
  • allow HSR buses reliable left-turning movements from Inverness to Upper James.

I would also suggest to the mayor and planning staff that we narrow the traffic lanes on the Claremont and post the speed limit to 50km. There's no reason for a freeway connecting two residential neighbourhoods in this manner.

Also, this path should be a wide, multi-use pathway from Main to Inverness/West 5th, not just a cycle track. What a fantastic new spot for exercising for those who enjoy walks, runs, cycling etc....

By narrowing the traffic lanes to more normal 10 foot widths, and by removing the unbound curb lane, we will probably gain somewhere around 15-20 feet for this new multi-use path. This is a massive opportunity for Hamilton. It's crucial that city hall listen to engaged stakeholders throughout the city, and through Cycle Hamilton when designing this route.

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