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By Webster (registered) - website | Posted December 05, 2015 at 11:01:37

With all respect to the Keddy family and friends, now is the time to request funding for an eventual dedicated and protected bike lane on the Claremont and perhaps protected routes on some of the other accesses as well. I'm completely empathetic to the tragedy but history tells us the most likely time to get funding from politicians is immediately after a tragedy. Wait too long and the emotional impact will lessen. Part of my professional background is in disaster research, and the best changes in policy, behaviour, and funding increases occur immediately after the disaster least if someone acts on it. Once the emotional and physical impacts are over, old behaviours and complacency return. While this current tragedy is different, I believe there are parallels, and Terry Whitehead's response helps confirm that possibility. I suspect other politicians and the general public will also be more receptive to changes now than later. I respect the decision to be inclusive of Keddy's family, but change shouldn't be hindered or slowed by that. A protected "Keddy Bike Access" will provide a legacy to ensure someone's parent, sibling, or child doesn't experience a similar tragedy. It's not too early to call or email your councilor if you want change.

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