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By jason (registered) | Posted September 29, 2006 at 17:13:33

good observations. I would agree with your overview of the various core areas. Some Saturday, go check out King East through the international's becoming a remarkable condos, apartments, shops, eateries etc.... Your 3 big issues? I see them this way:

  1. The debate should virtually be finished now re: 2-way streets. James and John are all the proof we need. Even Chamber of Commerce reps who generally favour car-oriented development and highways have been quoted as being 'shocked' at the quick turnaround on both of those streets (especially James N and S, and John South) since going 2-way.
  2. Derelict buildings with history and strong bones ie- Lister, redevelop them like they do in Boston and Montreal. If tax payers can subsidize the Red Hill's and Meadowlands of this world, we can surely subsidize some great reno's and see these buildings brought back to life. Hamilton should have learned a lesson by now in what happens when we demolish buildings. Go to Coles and look through all the historic Hamilton books....most pictured buildings in those books are now rotten, ugly parking lots.
  3. I think the newer lighting helps keep things bright and safe, compared to a dark parking lot (gee, if only we hadn't knocked down so many buildings). More police on foot, bike and horse (why not? other cities do it) would surely help the visibility and safe 'feel' of downtown. I'm not sure what I think of cameras. I certainly don't like the idea of public space being 'watched' but I'd much rather have it watched by my local police force instead of some big US corporation with cameras all over the street.

Bottom line, more people= a healthy downtown.

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