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By Still at 4 Hughson (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2006 at 15:31:45

Before moving to the west mountain, I lived for one year in the west end, and one year on Bay Street South(nice to walk to work....)

It seems that James street has had a lot of progress, both North and South. South has goten some boutiques, artsie stuff, the condo development and some eateries, and North has some fantastic Portuguese, Chinese and other oriental restaurants not too far off. (But then you get a couple of shots being fired, and it chills people off coming to the neighbourhood.)

Locke Street(not sure if you consider that part of downton) has come a every long way in the last several years' nice to walk down, visit the antique stores and a couple of places to snack at too.

I've been to shows at the Theater Aquarius, and King William Street has real potential. As far the convention centre/opera/orchestra/Copps, it's brick and concrete wasteland when you leave there, but the facilities themselves are nice.
The hotel down here looks like it is going to be nicely refurbished. The Sandbar closing was a nice move.

The big issues are the same as they ever were:
1)debate over one way versus two way streets
2) what to do with derelict buildings
3) safety issue: both the "feel" of it and actual policing; I like the idea of surveillance cameras at major intersections.

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