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By jorvay (registered) | Posted November 19, 2015 at 09:01:41 in reply to Comment 114938

I've actually spent a good deal of time biking in Montreal. It is far-and-away the best urban cycling experience I've ever had. The bike routes are complete, logical, and extensive. The other thing I experienced for the first time biking there is a phenomenon that is getting talked about more and more: when cycling becomes more common, all road users (on foot, bike, or auto) learn to co-operate better on the road and things get smoother. I couldn't believe how predictable everyone was and how well traffic meshed there. It was refreshing.

Also, my bike cost about the same as 10 tanks of fuel in a mid-sized SUV and can carry my two children and a full load of groceries.

And don't give us any nonsense about not being able to live close to work. Sure, that's true for a lot of people, but for many others, it's a choice they've made. There are so many that choose to live further from work, and in Hamilton, actually pay a premium on housing to do so. Hamilton's farthest-reaching suburbs are some of the most expensive options in the city, so don't tell me that those folks have to drive because it's the only option. They chose that lifestyle and I'm sick of paying the price for it living in a community that gets abused for their convenience.

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