Comment 114778

By IAmJamesNorth (anonymous) | Posted November 10, 2015 at 11:18:29

I sat at the back of the theatre and watched this doc. I agree that the question period after was rather damaging to the film. Laura Babcock was a solid pro, but she kept getting interrupted by an abrasive blond lady who had the microphone. I think her name was Sheena(?) but her comments were really disruptive and clueless. If she had something to do with this film they should all be embarrassed. The hearsay comments about Bob Bratina supporting Joey was the worst part of the event. Too chicken shit to comment, but sure he supports you. Shame! As they shouted in the theatre. Glib comments above from the director hurt the cause too. It is too important an issue to be handled by amateur hour, borderline YouTube video quality "documentarians", but sadly this is the best we have.

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