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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted November 10, 2015 at 08:12:28 in reply to Comment 114755

I want to become an advocate of the GagePark-MountainPark gondola in due time. I probably will wait until when LRT shovels are safely in ground. (ala 2019-2020)

I contacted GondolaProject and asked if it could be done for well under 10 million dollars, perhaps as low as 2-3 million dollars. The environmental assessment could easily be crowdfunded/community raised, presented to Metrolinx for Quick Wins, and a bit of (ugh) area-rating chip in from both lower/upper wards, involve engagement from OttawaSt BIA / Concession BIA.

It could be built by mid-2020s giving Mountain an easy connection to the upcoming LRT too, and we can easily enjoy Concession Street up there, visit each other's events. Fares could, say, be 3 dollars, maybe free transfers to bus/transit, and it should pay for its operating costs easily that way.

This is not a luxury gondola, this is just a short 500 meter basic 4 person open-bucket gondola that saves almost an hour of public transit time!

It is much easier to build and cheaper to operate than an inclinator (which we used to have), and doesn't modify/damage the escarpment as much, and can flyover the road behind GagePark, for a direct park-to-park gondola.

If any gondola advocate wants to push GagePark-MountainPark Gondola early before 2019, contact me for my due diligence. For now, my hands are full with the Hamilton LRT advocacy.

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