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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted October 07, 2015 at 10:01:06 in reply to Comment 114061

Ditto. I'm a cyclist and I'm actually disappointed to hear their plans for Bay is a bike-lane. Bay will need two-way traffic even more urgently when LRT goes in, as we saw with the Bus Lane thing - vehicular traffic will be taking Cannon to bypass downtown. If they want to go to a destination along King West, how do they get there? Well, if it's west of Queen, they have to do a weird zig-zag where they use the special U-turn lane to pull onto York Boulevard, then back up to Caroline to get to King. Or they can crawl up James or John and slog through the core of the city where all the buses and the LRT are stopping. Or they can do some crazy loop via Queen->Main->Bay.

I want a north-south bike-lane, but I'd gladly take any other street instead of Bay if we could get two-way Bay and fix the broken wayfinding downtown. Give us cyclists Hughson and Hess (or Caroline if we could get a path across Sir John A's parking lot) and just make Bay a regular 2-way street.

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