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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted September 17, 2015 at 12:06:29

Actually Calgary has got 4 car consists on one line and is preparing the entire system for 4 car consists by lengthening older station platforms. When there S200 vehicles arrive they will have 4 car consists (trains) that are almost 120 metres long. Not quite as long as a Toronto or Montreal Subway/Metro consists but longer than a few smaller ones in Clevland, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore and some Philadelphia lines. These LRT consists are also longer than some the smaller subway consists in the New York or New Jersey area. This is the advantage in cost per vehicle that rail systems have. If you build long enough station platforms ahead of time, you can have continual growth in the size of your LRT consists and thus greater efficiency without having to add extra LRV operators. You my need a few more maintenance people but as long as you have enough storage space even small LRT systems with a bit of design forethought can be allowed to grow over time to eventually become a pretty major passenger moving operation. Other people I work within the industry tell me that it is usually, although not always in every case, better to start with 2 car operation and avoid single car consist operations. Due to higher operational complexity/cost maintenance measures and operational tempo issues with single car operation, than with 2 car operation in starter rail systems.

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