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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted September 16, 2015 at 09:46:22

Bombardier's "Mock UP" Light Rail Vehicle is a 2 section approximation of the Flexity family of LRV's. The Flexity family of products can come in 3, 5 and 7 section models. Transit operators can add sections to existing vehicles if needed locally, no need to go back to the factory. The TTC's Flexity Outlook Streetcars share about 90% of the parts of the Flexity Freedom Light Rail Vehicle. This is common practice for LRT providers selling in North America to offer a standard platform "The Flexity Family of LRV's but have individual sub models like the Flexity Classic, Classic #2, Freedom, Outlook and others. In this case, the Outlook and Freedom sub models are marketed directly to North America because we have different LRV weight and crash worthiness standards than Europe, Asia and Australia, where the Classic, Classic #2 and several other sub models have been sold. Over 3000 Flexity LRV's have been delivered or are "on order".

Siemens has multiple designs for LRV's world wide but Market the S70/S200 models for North America specifically. The S70 is the low floor model and the S200 is the high floor model. Calgary's S200's will begin to arrive in 2016. They however, will arrive in Calgary fully complete not in unassembled sections.

Alstom's successful Citadis family of LRV's (2000+ LRV's delivered or "on order" worldwide), have also a special model for North America only, the Citadis Spirit, it is a modified type 302 Citadis. Ottawa's Confederation Line LRV's are part of the Citadis Spirit subgroup. Like Bombardier you can get different lengths of Citadis Spirit LRV's from Alstom, in this case 4 lengths are available, a 30 Metre long 3 section LRV, a 37 Metre long 3 section LRV (the centre section of 37 long LRV is longer than on the 30 metre long LRV), a 4 section 48-49 Metre long LRV (Ottawa's current Choice) and a 5 section 59 Metre long LRV. The last is what Ottawa will use when passenger levels reach a certain level on the Confederation line.

The extra 5th section is easily added inside your local LRV maintenance facility (no factory needed). It is currently planned that the 4 section Citadis Spirit LRV's for Ottawa will be delivered in sections and their final assembly will be completed at the Confederation Line maintenance facility, which officially opens next month. The first LRV sections are set to arrive in early October for final assembly, the whole line however, will not officially open till 2018. There are 34 LRV's in total and will normally operate in 2 car trains that hold a maximum of 600 passengers (300 passengers per 4 section LRV). A maximum of 15 2 car trains will run during peak hours (there will be 2 more trains ready in case of breakdown). Ottawa has an option of up to 6 more LRV's (3 full trains) per year till 2022 at a guaranteed price. An extra 6 LRV's will also be available at a guaranteed price by the 18 month point (March 2020) if necessary. The final assembly of these LRV's will also occur in Ottawa at the local maintenance facility.

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