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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted September 15, 2015 at 10:05:39 in reply to Comment 113873

Already covered -- Some members of the old group including Ryan and others have endorsed going ahead with the citizen advocacy. I met/emailed/chatted with about 15 different citizens, activists(this site and similar) & city representatives, including my ward's Matthew Green (one-on-one in-person meeting with a neighbour) to ensure we're not duplicating existing efforts. and aren't mutually exclusive. The former worked really, really hard for many years to help get the LRT to funded status.

The messy stuff actually begins. A very different mandate than the original group. There are so many details that can bog down the LRT. With passionate issues that sometimes all of us citizens agree and/or disagree on

Examples -- such as station locations like near that new school at the stadium, construction detours, business construction disruption, revitalization, mixed income developments, landlord concerns (We have roomrent friends too), parallel brainstorms/suggestions such as SoBi stations near LRT stations, things like possibly help advocate HSR bus route modifications to fit LRT, making sure we don't miss opportunities to improve Hamilton, etc, including way out to the outer areas. The talk of extensions may even occur a bit early (e.g. A-Line, Mountain, Dundas, Stoney Creek) as what is being built is a starter subset of a long-term B.L.A.S.T. network, and we cannot be a downtown-only discussion or an unfair club-of-downtowners; even though the funded starter LRT are the B-Line/A-Line subsets. There are several tonnes of subjects related to the LRT (directly or indirectly) that are going to emerge in citizens' minds as the 2016-2017 dates approach. As we launch this provides a way for citizens to join and voice many LRT and LRT-related issues.

Despite any disagreements on these little details, a major general goal and agreement amongst the citizen LRT advocacy is to bring the LRT to a soft landing in Hamilton on time (2017 procurement, 2019 construction), without delay -- to make it cancellation resistant. We disagree sometimes on "details" even if we all want the LRT. But we all realize that we can potentially lose the LRT otherwise in a government change.

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