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By jason (registered) | Posted September 14, 2015 at 20:04:33 in reply to Comment 113869

oh don't get me wrong. I love the Hammer and agree that many citizens and local groups are very forward thinking. It's the fortress at city hall that constantly proves to be the obstacle. Cannon Bike lanes happened because of citizen campaign, not city hall. Bike share is probably the best example of both working together. LRT was literally forced onto us by the province, IN SPITE of city hall trying to turn it down. Yes, Fred deserves HUGE props for his last minute intervention, but it was only necessary thanks to the gong show at city hall the prior 4 years.

I hear you with respect to bike share in Vancouver, but they are light years ahead of us in cycling infrastructure. Like, embarrassingly ahead of us. Only reason they don't have bike share is because of BC's ridiculous helmet law.

We converted two streets to 2-way 15 years ago and both have blossomed back to life very nicely. So what have we done since? Nothing. If fact, many don't know this, but there is a document at city hall planning to introduce a proposal to the public one of these years on reverting them back to 1-way. I've discussed it with a couple of the authors. This may explain why the HSR continues to treat both streets like they are 1-way pairs. (or that could just be because the HSR is totally inept. Lol)

Point is, we are moving forward too often in spite of city hall, not because of it. I think Jason Thorne is a fantastic, refreshing change. Can we drag the rest of them a few decades forward? Time will tell.

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