Comment 113868

By jason (registered) | Posted September 14, 2015 at 12:57:05 in reply to Comment 113866

only a backwards city like Hamilton would even consider leaving a parallel street 1-way, carrying 2 lanes worth of traffic through most of it's route, with 5 actual lanes available.
It's a no-brainer to convert Main to two-way prior to LRT construction and thereby avoiding much of impact brought on by construction.
Main, Wilson, Sherman and Bay all need to go two-way, and all carry far fewer vehicles than their lane allowances can handle. This will create a 2-way road network for drivers/transit while King is out of service.

But knowing Hamilton, we'll leave them all one way, empty most of the time, so we can complain that there's 'no way to get across the city with King being reduced'.

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