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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted September 03, 2015 at 23:13:44 in reply to Comment 113759

I like Dunsmure, a street I live practically next to. It's my main bike route to Gage Park from my home.

One problem with using Dunsmure as a bike route is all the stop signs -- almost every single block (The Idaho Stop Rule would be nice to have here: Legalized slow roll through empty stop signs with your head on a swivel) That said, it is very traffic-tamed residential route that is out of the way of the Main/King biking diciness, without having to go too far north/south.

Also -- for something simpler further south -- we need at least simple white lines painted on Delaware, just like on Stinson. The road is wide enough to hold parking, but parking is not allowed on Delaware. As an ultrawide 2-lane residential road (it can fit 3-4 lanes) it would easily handle a painted bike lane without protest (no parking loss, no traffic lane loss). The Delaware-Stinson-Hunter is a relatively popular crosstown bike route for SoBi users, and that's how I bike my SoBi to the Hamilton downtown GO station. Stinson and Hunter has (partially flawed) bike markings, but Delaware doesn't have any. It also needs a road stripe at the stop signs (there's no paint at all on these roads!!) as a lot of cars overshoot the stop signs and enroach a bit into Delaware, occasionally almost colliding with a bicyclist going poast. With simple white bike line paint on Delaware and a "stop line" on the road at stop signs, both the kids & cars will behave better.

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