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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 28, 2015 at 14:15:45

Finally, some sensibility about Main Street.

A related topic -- make it easier for businesses to open up (whether a small mom-and-pop, or a large highrise development).

I hear many stories of businesses trying to open but failing to do so. There was a meatball shoppe ("The Meatball Company", 971-ish King Street) that was trying to open near our place on King Street (near Central Cycle) but has apparently failed to open. Now I see the meatball counter installations inside starting to be ripped out (I guess the landlord is clearing it?). That must be a heartbreak to whomever tried to open The Meatball Company.

And stories like Gorilla Cheese and others, I keep hearing about (stymied from operating at all, rather than being allowed to operate at reduced capacity until required modifications -- moving into a previous restaurant place then city finding out that the vent was too small, I think -- I suspect one could be allowed to use electric grills instead of gas grill, or cook only a smaller grill, dealing with the reduced-diameter vent, or something). City needs to be more aggressive finding safe exceptionss that allows a business to open partially. Fortunately, they are surviving and will open soon on Ottawa Street.

Not being able to open at all, means a business consumes rent for almost a year while they struggle to break the red tape to open, and then failing before they open. Certainly there can be problem businesses but I have heard enough anecdotes that there's still too much red tape. What further steps are being done to assist businesses in opening?

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