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By jason (registered) | Posted August 21, 2015 at 22:59:10 in reply to Comment 113620

I do too. It's actually being done world-wide. Just not here. Why not direct rain water into planting wells instead of putting up curbs to block rain water from getting in?

We get enough snow/rain here that native trees would almost always thrive in those types of planting beds.

Check out NYC going all-in for those planters. Not just because it's good for trees, but because of the tons of rainwater it diverts from the sewer system.

I've met with city staff here a few years ago and their eyes glazed over at the suggestion. Business as usual in the Hammer....

Edit: I noticed last week on Concession that the city couldn't bring themselves to cutting curbs to encourage rainwater into the new flower beds being built there, but they kept the sidewalk flat right to the edge of the gardens so rainwater should flow in. It's a small step forward compared to the flower beds on King near the Gore or York near the Coliseum where the city actually built curbs to keep rainwater out of the planters.

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